Monday, 19 October 2015

Catholic Filmmakers roundtable interview

Interview for Regina Magazine

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Here is a couple of quotes from the interview for Regina Magazine

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory.

THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL KNEW THAT IN ORDER TO CHANGE SOCIETY THEY NEEDED TO UNDERMINE CHRISTIANITY and they developed what is known as Critical Theory.  Critical Theory drew upon Marxism and used the media to undermine virtually all the building blocks of western society, especially Christianity and the family. The Catholic Church had the Vatican II document Inter Mirifica as a blue print on how to use the latest media; unfortunately many of the hierarchy do not appear to have read Inter Mirifica and many Catholics seem to follow something like a nebulous ‘spirit of Vatican II’ which sometime seems little different from Critical Theory.”

If a script doesn’t have a ‘kickass’ girl as a leading lady then it will not make it off the page.

‘Critical Theory’ has taken over the mind set of Hollywood where traditional marriage is disparaged, plots are contrived to feminise men and masculinise women,  and if a script doesn’t have a ‘kickass’ girl as a leading lady then sometimes it will not make it off the page. It can make men feel that as we are no longer needed or wanted to protect our wives and children. Women can do it all for themselves, so men can just stay home have a beer and watch the football on TV or be patted on the head and sent out to play, and many do just this. However, I firmly believe it is possible that by the use of the Gospel and the traditions of the Church we can turn Critical Theory on its head. Take any plot and put a faithful Catholic in there and see what happens.

For the rest of the Round table interview with other Catholic film-makers please click  here

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