About me

About me

I am a TV Producer/director/scriptwriter, Artist, and writer . I was born in Cornwall of an Italian immigrant tin miner and a Cornish mother. As a young boy I attended the local Catholic convent run by Presentation nuns as a day boy. It was a very happy childhood and the nuns taught me my Catholic faith. When I left school I served an apprenticeship at the Cornishman newspaper in Penzance. After this I worked as an artist for a while then attended Art College in Bournemouth. Upon completing my studies I worked in various Technical Graphics studios for the next 20 years becoming a Technical Publications Manager running a small studio of illustrators, graphic designers, and authors. It is there that I produced my first video. I moved to Wales in 2001 and lived in the beautiful Welsh mountains whilst continuing to work as an artist/writer. I also spent a year at the Plater College where I achieved a Certificate in theology, and I studied with the Open University achieved a Bachelors degree (Hons) in Humanities with Media Studies.

Since 2011 I have been working as an independent Producer/Director/Scriptwriter for EWTN and collaborating with St Clare Media – EWTN, and Lux communication of Slovakia. My films have been shown on EWTN, TV Lux, the Slovak national channel, Croatian, and Korean TV. They have been also shown throughout the World on EWTN's affiliate channels and have been dubbed into Spanish and German. 


2013 - Wales, The Golden Thread of Faith - Three part mini-series, - Producer/scriptwriter
2014 - The Crusades - Four part mini-series, - Producer/scriptwriter - Award: Grand Prix & The Maximilian Kolbe award, Poland.
2015 - In Search of Christendom, The Chartres Pilgrimage - 30 minute documentary. - Producer/Writer
2016 - The Inquisition - Four Part mini-series - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter
2017 - The Message of Fatima - Eight part mini-series broadcast from May to November 2017 - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter - Award: 1st Prize, Television Category, KSF Niepokalana, Poland
2018 - The "Reformation" - In pre-production, to be a six part mini-series - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter

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