Sunday, 21 February 2016

More Stills from EWTN's latest production

The Inquisition mini-series

Here are a few more stills from EWTN's Inquisition mini-series. This time on a Scottish theme.

Mary Queen of Scots

A Scottish Piper we managed to film when we 
were on location in Edinburgh

And an illustration of John Knox

A little up-date on the production, we are close to closing editing, our editor/cameraman Michal Benko has started colorgrading the episodes and we are at the start of post-production. No date has yet been set for broadcast.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Three witches from EWTN's Inquisition mini-series

The Inquisition and Witchcraft

Here are three images from EWTN's up and coming Inquisition series, three witches. First we have the Catholic Inquisition which did not execute witches, more often than not they either treated witches and those who denounced them with scepticism or gave them spiritual penances, like sending them on a pilgrimage. The second shot shows a witch at a cauldron, yes witchcraft and evil is a reality. The third image is of how Protestants in the early modern era, dealt with witches which was usually to burn them.   

Denunciations of women accused of witchcraft were
treated with scepticism by the Catholic Inquisition.
Catholic countries did not burn witches, this was largely
due to the formal legal process of the Inquisitional tribunal
However, witchcraft is an evil reality, this still shows
a witch and a cauldron - inspired by the Waterhouse painting.

In Protestant countries being denounced as a witch had serious
consequences 50,000 suffered this cruel fate especially under
the influence of the "great" reformers Calvin and Knox

Note: no witches were hurt in the making of this film.