Saturday, 22 August 2015

Music for the Inquisition

The Soundtrack for EWTN's new Inquisition docudrama and its recording

Filming for the Inquisition, at the court of Count Raymond of Toulouse
with cameramen Paul to the left and Michal on the right

I'm off to Slovakia next week for the last filming session, and to work with the editor Michal Benko at Lux communication the co-producers . I will hopefully also make it to one of the recording secessions for the soundtrack.

The music is very important to any film and like the Crusades before we are very pleased to have the same team. Last February I met with the composers and the conductor, Zuzana Buchová Holičková. The composer of the choral parts will again be Mária Jašurdová  and for the orchestral tracks Miro Šibík. For the Inquisition mini-series I want to create a more mysterious atmosphere and since the Inquisitions were all about repentance, penance and reconciliation, I have asked the composer to write a suite of music on the 7 penitential psalms. I'm not sure it has been attempted before, also there are many others including a hymn to St Michael.

The De Profundis being for the Open and the end credits Miro Šibík will compose a track call the Black Legend. He will be composing and recording all the orchestral tracks and I've eheard some of the tracks in early versions and they sound good already.
Recording the soundtrack for the Crusades last year.
Chorus Salvatoris
For info on the Crusades soundtrack click here

Friday, 14 August 2015

Inquisition filming update

On Location in the UK and France for EWTN's Inquisition docudrama

During late July and early August 2015 we had an intense few days of filming. Covering many locations and interviews with expert historians.
We finished the UK shoot with 3 days of drama and action sequences, locations  included Leicester Guildhall, Kenilworth Castle and Holy Cross Priory Leicester. Here are some stills:

Cathar Crusade
The Papal Legate
Filming at Kenilworth Castle

And in the South of France - Carcassonne

However all is not as it seems the walls of this famous city were only built about 150 years ago. Today its more like a Cathar Disney Land.