Thursday, 18 June 2015

EWTN's The Inquisition Mini-series

Rome and Italy- on location update

Myself with Cameraman/Editor Michal Benko

As I mentioned in my 12th of April post we are now in the production phase of a new docudrama mini-series on the Inquisition. This will cover all the Inquisitions and not just the Spanish.


Last month we were shooting in Rome where I had the honour to interview a prominent Cardinal; more about this closer to the screening date. It was also wonderful to be able to film around Rome and in some of her most famous churches.
With second camera/technician Pavol Kadlecik

While in Rome we had the good fortune to be looked after by EWTN Rome bureau. This office exists to work on EWTN's Rome programmes and help organise filming for EWTN's broadcasts from Rome. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their help with locations and contacts during our film there last month, in particular Alan Holdren, the Rome bureau's chief, whose Vaticano programmes regularly go out on EWTN.
Alan Holdren of EWTN's Vaticano

After Rome we travelled through the Italian countryside northwards to film the beautiful hilltop towns and lakes as we drove through the spectacular Appian mountains to Assisi. I wanted to stress how friars like the Franciscans and Dominicans, although espousing a simpler way of Christian life, were always loyal to the Church.

Filming in Florence

At the weekend we stayed at the Institute of Christ the King’s seminary at Gricigliano near Florence and took the opportunity to film for an afternoon around the city.

Renovation work at Gricigliano
After this we travelled to Venice to film around the city on the sea. This included a morning chugging around the canals on their Vaporettos, which are public transport water buses, filming whatever we might be able to use to accompany our Venetian Inquisition sequence.
The next shoot will be in the UK and France starting the end of this month. In the UK shoot we will have three days of filming the drama sequences, and there will be one more drama filming session in Slovakia. Also in the UK we will be filming most of the interviews with the historians as the academic year will have ended and they will have some free time.


Thursday, 4 June 2015

DVD for In Search of Christendom - The Chartres Pilgrimage

Chartres Pilgrimage Documentary DVD

EWTN have just released the DVD for In Search of Christendom - The Chartres Pilgrimage documentary. This is the USA version and cost $10. The UK/Ireland version will hopefully be realised soon. Please help us make similar documentaries by purchasing this DVD.

To buy this DVD click here: In Search of Christendom - The Chartres Pilgrimage DVD
Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral draws thousands of young people for a Traditional Latin mass on the vigil of Pentecost. Spiritually fortified, they set out on a three-day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. If you doubt that Christianity is still alive in Western Europe, this is a special EWTN Documentary to see - and share. 1 disc / 30 minutes (CC).

Last November on my first post on this documentary I said. "If I have one prayer for this documentary it would be that once the documentary is released on DVD, orthodox and traditional Catholics should buy it and send it to the Pope and the Synod Fathers on the Family, and to anyone who believes that young Catholics want change. For young Catholics want authentic Catholic teachings on the faith and morality."