Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Inquisition Interview

Interview for EWTN's Vaticano

Below is a clip from EWTN's Vaticano on an interview I gave during our Rome filming sequence for the Inquisition mini-series. The other clips shown are of the making of The Inquisition drama sections and are from the English shoot and involve members of the 'Crusade' re-enactment group, also shown are a few clips from our last series The Crusades.

Many thanks to EWTN's Rome Bureau and the producer Jan Bentz for making this clip available.

German version.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Chartres Pilgrimage DVD

In Search of Christendom - The Chartres Pilgrimage, DVD
Now just released on DVD in the UK and Europe from St Clare Media - EWTN

Or by post from Holy Cross Bookshop, 4 Brownhill Road, SE6 2EJ. Tel: 0203 4418240

In the USA from EWTN for $10 click here : USA DVD of The Chratres Pilgrimage

EWTN – Global Catholic Network, 5817 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, Al 35210 USA

DVD - The Chartres Pilgrimage
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris draws thousands of young people for a Traditional Latin Mass on the vigil of Pentecost. Spiritually fortified, they set out on a three-day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. If you doubt that Christianity is still alive in Western Europe it is especially among the young. This is a special EWTN Documentary to see - and share.

Major themes in the documentary - young pilgrims talk about tradition, orthodoxy, pro-Life, and pro-natural family values. If you think the young want change you are right, but its back to traditional moral and family values!

Interviews by Michael J Matt, Jamie Bogle, Hervé Rolland and many of the young pilgrims themselves.
Please support this DVD so that we may make more such films.