Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Chartres Pilgrimage DVD

In Search of Christendom - The Chartres Pilgrimage, DVD
Now just released on DVD in the UK and Europe from St Clare Media - EWTN

Or by post from Holy Cross Bookshop, 4 Brownhill Road, SE6 2EJ. Tel: 0203 4418240

In the USA from EWTN for $10 click here : USA DVD of The Chratres Pilgrimage

EWTN – Global Catholic Network, 5817 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, Al 35210 USA

DVD - The Chartres Pilgrimage
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris draws thousands of young people for a Traditional Latin Mass on the vigil of Pentecost. Spiritually fortified, they set out on a three-day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. If you doubt that Christianity is still alive in Western Europe it is especially among the young. This is a special EWTN Documentary to see - and share.

Major themes in the documentary - young pilgrims talk about tradition, orthodoxy, pro-Life, and pro-natural family values. If you think the young want change you are right, but its back to traditional moral and family values!

Interviews by Michael J Matt, Jamie Bogle, Hervé Rolland and many of the young pilgrims themselves.
Please support this DVD so that we may make more such films.


  1. I want to but DVD set of Christendom Project which is a series of documentary films, please help me for it from where i can get it, thx.blade runner dvd collection

  2. You can buy the DVD of the Christendom Project by going to this page and clicking on the links.;postID=8570054444843576612;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=10;src=postname