Friday, 18 September 2015

EWTN's Inquisition docudrama update


Final shoot, soundtrack, and editing

production update

Setting up a shot - St Irenaeus of Lyons played by Julius Benko


In Slovakia we completed the last day's filming in and near the village of Domanzia in North West Slovakia. Where had great support from the village priest and the locals, and shot the last few scenes of the Inquisition docudrama. We staged the famous debate between Jewish and Christian scholars in 14th centre Spain led by St Vincent Ferrer. Also filmed was St Irenaeus writing his Against Heresies. We finished the day with a trial and simulated witch burning sequence, it is important to note that while the world since the early modern period focuses on the executions of heretics after an Inquisition trial which amounted to 5000, lamentable as this is, however the vast majority of executions during this period where of witches. Almost 150,000 of these so called witches were killed, and most of these took place in the Protestant countries of northern Europe.

St Vincent Ferrer and the debate between Jewish and Christian scholars

While in Slovakia I popped into Lux Communication our production partners to do some sound booth work and to sit with the editor. Also completed during the last month was the choir recording of the specially composed soundtrack by Mária Jašurdová sung by Chorus Salvatoris, conducted by Zuzana Buchova Holickova. We will also have a great orchestral soundtrack by Miroslav Sibik. The Cameraman Editor and myself are very excited with the opening sequence using the De Profundis by the choir and illustrations with images from the series. For the closing credits we will have another newly composed track by Miro called the Black Legend. I feel music is very important to a films overall impact and this is why I have been very specific in my requests to the composers and I am pleased with the results.


  1. I loved the music for the Crusades series.

  2. Thank you Chloe, I'm sure you will like the music for the Inquisition series as well.