Sunday, 29 January 2017

Christendom Project DVDs


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The Inquisition -

The Inquisition DVD

Discover how the Church handles witchcraft, heretics, Galileo's theory and more, as historians cut through the controversies surrounding "The Inquisition". Complete with interviews and dramatic reenactments filmed on-location in Europe, this EWTN Original Mini-series exposes how propaganda influenced today's modern-day perceptions of the Inquisition, while also bringing to light its true actions and intent.

The Crusades 2014 -

The Crusades DVD

An EWTN film by Stefano Mazzeo, produced in association with Buckfast Abbey.
EWTN presents this 4-part mini-series on the myths, the legends, and the truths of the Crusades.
Why did the Crusades happen? What was their context? Were they wars of unjustified aggression or justified self-defence?
Get all the facts in this original EWTN mini-series, filmed on location in Israel and Europe, with commentary by experts.
Suitable for all types of viewing, including educational and classroom use.
Episode 1 - Journeys of Faith
Episode 2 - The Crusader States
Episode 3 - Christendom Responds
Episode 4 - Failures and Successes

Chartres Pilgrimage -

In Search of Christendom: The Chartres Pilgrimage DVD
A film by Stefano Mazzeo for EWTN.
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris draws thousands of young people for a Traditional Latin Mass on the vigil of Pentecost. Spiritually fortified, they set out on a three-day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral.

If you doubt that Christianity is still alive in Western Europe, this is a special EWTN Documentary to see - and share.

Wales: The Golden Thread of Faith -

Wales: The Golden Thread of Faith DVD

An EWTN film by Stefano Mazzeo, produced in association with the Latin Mass Society.
The first steps Christianity took on Welsh soil eventually led the country into an age of great prosperity - but it was a path not easily won.

EWTN unfurls this rich tapestry of Wales' Catholic history in an original three part documentary filmed on-location throughout Europe, weaving an inspiring faith legacy of prosperity and persecution that unites Catholics everywhere.

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