Saturday, 10 December 2016

Inquisition series DVD from EWTN

New Release From EWTN Home video

The Inquisition

An original EWTN mini-series
Recently released by EWTN the DVD of The Inquisition series from their religious Religious Catalogue, $20 from EWTN USA and £12.95 from St Clare Media - EWTN UK

The series will be premiered by EWTN in October of 2016 and is a four episode docudrama. It was filmed across Europe in 2015 and was completed in early 2016. It is perhaps our most ambitious yet with live action drama sequences performed by professional and semi-professional actors and re-enactors. Special thanks to assistant director Tony Plumridge and costume designer Ellen Plumridge at Triptych Productions, and production coordinator David Benjamin at the "Crusade" re-enactment group for providing the live action sequences. This is a co-production between EWTN and Lux Communication.

Actors in trailer:
Robin Ingram - Cardinal and Grand Inquisitor; Tony Plumridge - Canon Lawyer; John Atterbury - Theologian
Lynn Robertson Hay - Falsely accused witch at the Tribunal; Jeff Baynham - Heretic, Cathar at the Tribunal; Andrew N. Hill - Galileo at the Tribunal; Richard Squires - Scribe and chaplain at the tribunal; Erik Jellyman - Papal Legate; Katherine Knight - Witch at cauldron; Sterling Archer - St James on horseback.

Like the Crusades it has a specially composed and recorded soundtrack by Chorus Salvatoris. The tracks in the trailer are the De Profundis and Domine ne in furore by Maria Jasurdova and The Black Legend by Moroslave Sibik. Sound mixing by Moroslave Sibik. Illustrations by Ursula Cavanagh.
We had many interview but worth it for Cardinal Burke interview alone, we were also very pleased to have Professor Thomas F Madden, Professor Jonathan Phillips Professor Damian Smith Jamie Bogale again, with other great interview by Fr Crean Fr Walter Senner and ex-BBC Robin Altken who wrote the book "Can we trust the BBC?"

Interviews by:
Cardinal Burke
Professor Thomas F Madden
Professor Jonathan Phillips
Professor Damian Smith
Jamie Bogale
Fr Thomas Crean OP
Fr Walter Senner OP
Robin Altken

historical adviser Professor Damian Smith

The Executive Producers are:
Doug Keck and John Elson - EWTN

Michal Benko 1st Camera, Editing and Post Production

Stefano Mazzeo - Producer, Director and Screenplay

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