Friday, 30 September 2016

Fatima production update and photos

EWTN's The Message of Fatima

Production update

Since I last posted on the Fatima project a lot has happened. We have had two filming sessions in Fatima with Casa do Povo the local folk group who are providing authentic actors and sites etc. We also filmed in a London studio with a young Catholic actress Rachel Clifford playing Our Lady of Fatima and a young Catholic actor Liam Driver playing the Angel of Peace.

The Three Little Shepherds, local Fatima children playing the seers

Merseyside choir to produce soundtrack for "The Message of Fatima" mini-series
My latest film  "The Message of Fatima" soundtrack of which is being produced by a local Merseyside choir at the ICKSP's "Dome of Home" church in New Brighton. This will be largely original music compose especially for the production by an English composer Adam Tucker. Both by last two docudramas "The Crusades" and "The Inquisition" also had original especially composed and recorded soundtracks, however these were by Slovak composers.

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