Thursday, 21 January 2016

EWTN's mini-series The Inquisition update

The Final Shoot for EWTN's mini-series, The Inquisition

On Saturday 16th January 2016 the final shoot of EWTN's The Inquisition mini-series took place at the Church of the Holy Cross, Woking. We wanted to show the inquisitional tribunal authentically with a Cardinal or Grand Inquisitor presiding (played by Robin Ingram) a canon lawyer, Theologian, and  a scribe also present. Tribunals may include more members and also non clergy. At the time the Inquisitions were considered lenient in comparison to the civil authorities and were a great advancement in the law.

From left to right, John Atterbury, Robin Ingram, and Tony Plumridge
The scribe
Sound and camera by John James (seen seated here with
myself behind the camera,
The heretic by Jeff Baynham. faces questioning from the
Inquisition tribunal
The falsely accused as a witch was played by
Lynn Robertson Hay

Cathar/heretic played by Jeff Baynham

Galileo by Andrew N. Hill
Special thanks to Tony Plumridge for organising the shoot and for help with the camera work. Also many thanks to Mrs Plumridge for organising the wardrobe.
The Inquisition scenes were presented by Triptych Productions and filmed at the Church of the Holy Cross with the kind permission of Fr Robert Brucciani.


  1. Congratulations, Stefano on wrapping filming of The Inquisitions. A must-watch for Catholics who need to learn the facts - amazing to learn that the inquisitions were more lenient than the civil authorities at the time - essential when debating with people who say that the inquistions are proof of the cruelty of the Catholic Church down through the centuries when as you show in your mini-series they represented an advancement in the justice system.

  2. Thank you Mary, We also have a close look at what heresy is and what it can do to a Christian community. And yes, we hope to show that the Inquisitions were very different from how they have been portrayed by the northern Protestant/secular countries. The “Myth” of the Inquisition was an invention of these northern countries at a time when Spain was the Catholic Superpower and New World was a prize that they wanted to win even at the cost of the truth. They created a "Black Legend2, some are still being created today.