Saturday 2 May 2015

Broadcast Dates and Times for EWTN’s

In Search of Christendom – The Chartres Pilgrimage

EWTN are to Broadcast In Search of Christendom – The Chartres Pilgrimage on Whit Sunday May 24th at 3:30 pm in the UK and Ireland. Or watch it on line at:

In the USA it will be broadcast on Whit Sunday, May 24th at 2:30 pm Eastern Time. Or watch it on line at:

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
The documentary tells the story of the three day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame Cathedral Chartres from Notre Dame Cathedral Paris over the Pentecost weekend. This is the 2013 pilgrimage for which we filmed all three days including the main Masses. 

Young Pilgrims sing hymns around the campfire

Young pilgrims witness to the faith through the
French countryside.
We did a number of interviews with pilgrims from France, England, USA, Middle East, and Ireland. A number of themes emerged, one of the most important being that the young people (who make up the majority of the pilgrims) want orthodoxy. They love the Traditional Latin Mass, they are strongly pro-Life and the natural family, and that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, anything else is just plain wrong.

Filming the Mass at Chartres Cathedral
Perhaps what shone through more than anything else was the sheer joy expressed by the thousands of young pilgrims as they took part in this most arduous of pilgrimages. They sang hymns and prayers all day long as they carried their colourful banners and flags through Paris and the French countryside, witnessing to the faith and proving that Christianity is alive and well in Western Europe – at least among the young!

Chartres Cathedral - The rain could not dampen
the spirits of the young pilgrims as they approached
Notre Dame Cathedral Chartres
To see these straight-talking,  joyful, young pilgrims, tune into EWTN on Pentecost Sunday, unless you are actually taking part in this year’s pilgrimage at the time!

Our Lady of Chartres 
Here are the full dates and times of the Chartres pilgrimage broadcast:

 In the USA ET (Eastern Time) Pentecost Sunday 24 May at 3:30pm, Monday May 25, 3:00am, 6:30 pm, (30mins) or watch on line at:

On the  European satellite signal, GMT:  Sunday, May 24, 15:30; Monday, May 25, 02:00, 08:00, 21:00. (30 mins), or watch on line at:

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