Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Young Catholics want orthodoxy 2

In Search of Christendom – The Chartres Pilgrimage

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Coming soon EWTN’s documentary In Search of Christendom – The Chartres Pilgrimage, dates yet to be announced but we are now in the final stages of mixing the sound. Keep checking this blog for dates and times and EWTN. It will be broadcast in the usual ways and will also be shown live on St Clare Media’s site at  

Young people gather at Notre Dame Cathedral 

Camp fire pilgrims sing hymns
Here is a short description:

On the day before Pentecost Sunday thousands of young people gather at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France. They are there for a Traditional Latin Mass before they set out on a three day walking pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. As they march through Paris praying and singing hymns it is clear that this is a great act of witness. This shows that despite the wishes of secularists, Christianity is still alive in Western Europe, especially among the young.

The Sacred Heart in National Flags 
One of the documentary's themes
Pentecost Mass in field
Many of the chapters are made up of scouts, there are also other groups and chapters that come from all over Europe, some as far afield as the USA and the Middle East. There can be between 12 to 20,000 people on this pilgrimage. We asked the question why do so many young people come on this pilgrimage?  It became clear they have rejected secular values with all its hedonism and materialism they are searching for a deeper meaning for their lives, and they are looking for orthodox Catholic values – they are searching for Christendom.

High Mass with bishop at Chartres Cathedral


  1. Hi,

    I'm just back from Chartres so missed the programme but would like to direct friends to it . Can't see that it's archieved on EWTN.. Is there anyway of accessing it? Regards vicky

  2. Hi Vicky

    I'm not sure if this documentary well be available to download as it was a specially commissioned documentary. But you can help us make similar documentaries by getting it from EWTN's religious catalogue