Friday, 15 August 2014

The Christendom Project

There is much misinformation about the history of the Catholic Church these days. We can see that from the Reformation through the Enlightenment to the modern mass media the history of the Catholic Church is a subject that is being mined and exploited for profit, often with false or exaggerated storylines. Diverse elements of the media from Hollywood to secular broadcasters from traditional print to social media do not appear to have a full and well rounded picture of Catholicism. EWTN’s mission is to educate and inform Catholics and non-Catholics on the glories of the Catholic faith in various ways using the media to evangelise and promote the Gospel. The Christendom Project hopes to contribute to this work and help promote a better understanding of the history and culture of the Catholic Church.

The series of documentary films will be based on the below list of topics

1. Catholic historical topics- (Life of a Saint/martyr, history and the development of the Church in different European countries;  Famous  battles, between Christian and Muslim armies;  correcting errors about the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Bad Popes...)

 2.  Visits to Sanctuaries/ Holy Sites/ Pilgrimage routes-  (History/
 foundation, development, spiritual significance...)

 3.  Sacred Art and Music (Presentation of famous European Catholic
artists, architects, musicians).

 4.  Religious orders-  (Priests, Nuns, Third Orders,

5.  Popular piety-  (Feast day celebrations, Catholic customs,
 confraternities, new movements...)

6.  Feature interviews- (Prominent Catholic religious and lay leaders, intellectual, artist).

Some of the films will be single documentaries some will be mini-series, this will also give me the opportunity to write about fine art in the Christian tradition.

For an idea on this project see trailers for Wales - The Golden Thread of Faith and The Crusades.

 The Crusades is in the final stages of post-production and will be broadcast from the 8 – 11 of October 2014.

First post in honour of Our Lady Queen of Christendom on the Feast of the Assumption


  1. Kudos and thanks to you for doing this! - Mary Parks

  2. Thank you Mary - God bless,

  3. Splendid idea. I pray for the success and for the author.

  4. Splendid idea. I pray for the success and for the author.